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The Liar: by Nora Roberts | Summary & Analysis - Book*Sense

The liar by Nora Roberts
Starts out with Shelby going through her late husbands records, health records and bills. Things start to click the light bulb on. Now she knows his past, some of it.
She has nothing to raise her 3 year old daughter on as she owes taxes, overdue bills and has no house or cars or anything.  She's able to consign clothes and sell jewelry which wasn't what he told her they were worth, arts and books.
She arrives back home to TN and others are after her about money her husband owed them as another name. She found money and other things in his safe deposit at the bank.
Like hands on your nose, the trails, familiar surroundings and the hometown feel she is welcomed once returning home. Don't like that's there more pain for her to endure and more struggles. Griff is a handyman who likes her and her daughter and they do hit it off.
Love the words of the day!  Hot steamy sex scenes and more identities to go with who she thought was her husband.
Fast paced action, mysteries and romance.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).