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A Very Coco Christmas:  A Delicious Prequella to the Coco Pinchard Series - Robert Bryndza

 Very Coco Christmas (Coco Pinchard Series Book 4
Other works by the author are highlighted at the beginning.
Karen has spent time with her boyfriend at the school apartment she shares with others. Hot steamy sex scenes and they head back to their homes for the holiday.
She gets scared on one train and leaves her purse and money behind. The house is decorated so nicely as she helps with some of the decorating still left to do. She's also informed the family she likes her new school name, Coco and her mother has a fit and refers to her as a French prostitute.
Not only has Coco lost her money but the pictures of Daniel and his phone number as well. She tries to locate him through the book.
Circumstances lead her to leave the shop and she meets up with Daniel and events occur that lead them to all having Christmas lunch together.
What a clash as the meal is ready. Nobody leaves unscathed!
Interesting drama for a short story set in England.