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Married by Midnight: A Christmas Story - Talli Roland

Married by Midnight: A Christmas Story
The stars are aligned and Tim has proposed and it's the day to choose the wedding dress.
While planning her own Christmas eve wedding she finds an old vintage dress that she loves and there's a note pinned inside. With her sister Bea's help they might be able to use social media to help solve the mystery.
Kate does not use any of that type of media...and is fascinated when she starts to share the photo and realizes how many others 'share' it...
She hopes to find who it belonged to and also find out if they have a happy marriage - before her own wedding.
After Bea sees Kate talking to Nick and his grandfather she knows Kate and Tim are not a match made in heaven...
Like how this book actually has two stories that are connected through the dress. Enjoyed the read although I don't connect much with the English country and sayings. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.