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The Guilty - David Baldacci, Kyf Brewer

The Guilty by David Baldacci
Have enjoyed the other mysteries of the author and knew I'd enjoy this one.
Although 95% of the books I read are romance I do like a change of genre from time to time.
This one starts out with the shooting and things went wrong, a little girl stepped in front of her mother and both of them were shot.
He has nightmares and ends up leaving to go home to his father's. He finds out he's imprisoned-he's a judge and things aren't right with the investigation.
His father doesn't want his help but gets it anyways. With the help of a lawyer and Will doing the investigations now his dad might have a chance to get out of there.
Lots of action, fast paced and you can hear the sounds of the shots as this is an audio tape.  Other family try to help but with their testimony it might not really be helping the case. Interesting descriptions of the Biloxi/Cantrell scenery and talk of Katrina and it's aftermath.
Blue Man in DC is helping him but things are getting more complicated and he needs to drop the case....
Maybe Agent Jess could help in this case...he keeps asking if she's surfaced...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).