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The Changing Season - Steven Manchester

The Changing Season by Steven Manchester
Have read many of the author's other works and have enjoyed the places they take me to along with learning new things.
This one does the same. Have volunteered at animal shelters by knitting blankets that adopted dog goes home with but had never been inside the buildings, Interesting to learn of what happens there.
Book starts out with Billy Baker and his friends Mark and Charlie. Charlie just about grew up being his brother as they spent so much time together. It's graduation from high school and they've decided to head to college.
Billy has no idea what to major in but the summer gives him the answer. He works at a restaurant but after school he finds a real summer job. He also meets a new girl and she likes him also.
Charlie broke up with his girl and thinks Dalton is the problem and finds him one night driving home. Choices are made that night that will impact many others lives including Billy.
Throughout the story Jimmy, love how he got his name, Billy's dog gives him comfort and support. He's even better than a brother as his love is unconditional. Love where the book takes them together as life goes on.
Very touching story and glad it went this way as Charlie had other options that I was fearful to read about if he had choose another path.
Enjoyed the local places I need to check out.
I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review.