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A Copper Mountain Christmas - Jane Porter, Katherine Garbera, Melissa McClone

A Copper Mountain Christmas by 3 authors
This book contains 3 novellas from 3 different authors, all centered around Copper Mountain Montana.
Christmas at Copper Mountain by Jane Porter
Love holiday reads and was happy to learn this one was free on the first few days of it's release.
Harley Diekerhoff works at the Copper Mountain Ranch for the holiday season to keep her distance from her family in CA.
Her gruff Boss Brock Shennan had hired her via a temp agency. They needed a housekeeper that knew the work and did it well.
He had lost his wife after 1 1/2 years and he didn't want a chatty housekeeper. It'd be a perfect fit.
She has had her own tragedy and we learn of it as the story goes along. She is really concerned when the biggest storm of the year hits and her boss is out in it. to track down some lost cattle.
The other ranch hands won't go look for him-the boss would have their heads. Love that she cooks for them all.
She gets the surprise of her life later that night and confronts the boss when he arrives.. is she going to leave or can she stick it out?
Love that their feelings on many topics come out of their shells and how they've kept them hidden so long.
A Cowboy for Christmas by Katherine Garbera
This hot steamy sex story is about Annie and she's returned to Marietta and taking over the house her dad left her. She's estranged from her sister and hopes to mend things with her.
She currently works as a waitress when the Scott brothers come in for their weekly chili and soda dinner. Carson and Annie have a past and we learn about their time away from one another and how their lives changed them.
Love hearing of the traditions, new ones but she's terrified to go into a new relationship, too fast, she needs time.
He's a widower with a young son who needs a mother and she'd be perfect. She's almost ready to just up and leave til the snow storm, the tree and reconnecting with her sister and helping with the live nativity.
Love the tree information, what a great idea!
Home for Christmas by Melissa McClone
This story starts out with Rachel and she's arrived at the Bar V5 ranch where her brother works (he's partner) with Nate.
Ty has told her she can use the kitchen to create and she's just been bamboozled out of her savings to open her bakery back home in Arizona. She's only in Montana for 3 weeks and makes gingerbread houses resembling real houses that people live in and they buy them from her.
Nate falls in love with her on sight as his dating online escapades hasn't gotten him a satisfied date in years. He loves her cooking and baking and has agreed to let her stay and even finance a shop here in town and she can use his kitchen in the meantime.
Love all the marketing ideas for Rachel to sell her baked goods.
A misunderstanding could send her back to Arizona...