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Home For Christmas (A Copper Mountain Christmas) - Melissa McClone

Home for Christmas by Melissa McClone
This story starts out with Rachel and she's arrived at the Bar V5 ranch where her brother works (he's partner) with Nate.
Ty has told her she can use the kitchen to create and she's just been bamboozled out of her savings to open her bakery back home in Arizona. She's only in Montana for 3 weeks and makes gingerbread houses resembling real houses that people live in and they buy them from her.
Nate falls in love with her on sight as his dating online escapades hasn't gotten him a satisfied date in years. He loves her cooking and baking and has agreed to let her stay and even finance a shop here in town and she can use his kitchen in the meantime.
Love all the marketing ideas for Rachel to sell her baked goods.
A misunderstanding could send her back to Arizona...