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Let it Snow - Erica Ridley

Let It Snow by Erica Ridley
no chapter 10?
Wasn't prepared for this book. Thought it'd be a nice snowy read. It starts out with Lance Desmond who's returned to his house and his friend shows him devices that might interest him.
He's now on a quest to find a bloom in the Castle Cavanaugh. This tale is one from many times: magical, mythical, mixed in latest up to date. Funny at times when he's talking to others that have come through a portal using modern English phrases.
Princess Marigold must not become his friend or he will vanish within hours like the others.
Mercenary knight who's buying a pirate ship, has a smartphone but no wifi and likes candycrush.
Marigold has quite a tale as to why she's in the castle, day of her birthday and no furniture...
He would make her birthday and Christmas wishes come true before they both got back to his real world...
Lance had brought many things with him, perhaps he has the knowledge to beat the curse of the castle...
Lots of surprises and sex. Bit far fetched for me
I received this book from the author.