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A Christmas In Bath: The Brides of Bath, Book 6 - Cheryl Bolen

A Christmas in Bath: The Brides of Bath, Book 6 by Cheryl Bolen
Wanted to read this book because it's around the Christmas holiday and find not only the timeframe of the book interesting but the decorations and traditions would be something nice to learn about.
Miss Mary Arbuckle visited Glee Blankenship while she's nursing her child. The women had gone to school together.
She is giving her advice on how to get Jonathan Blankenship to wed her. They will plan to make him jealous of Mary...
Story also follows Jonathan and he can't stand being at his mother's so he is temporarily staying at Greg's estate.
He is happy to just be single...They have so much in common, literary wise and he's noticed she's changed so much with her attire and appearance.
Characters from another book have also appeared in this one and it's good to find out how their charity works to help the mother and her son.
Love their intellectual conversations!  Jonathan's mother wants to come visit for the holidays and patch the rift between her and Greg.... Mary agrees the holidays would be the perfect time.
Truly a perfect holiday treat.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.