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A Robertson Family Christmas - Kay Robertson, Travis Thrasher

When I first read about this book I quickly scanned the summary and thought it said the Robinson Crusoe family celebrations. But I am also familiar with the Robertson family as our friends love to watch their series.
We have viewed it for a few minutes at a time at their house as we don't get that channel.  Sounded like a good read and was glad to get it to review.
Starts out with Stacey and she'd entered a contest to send her son to experience Christmas holidays with the Roboertson family. She can't believe she won the contest! Now to break it to Hunter, her son who's lately taken it upon himself to not follow the house rules any longer and has been caught with drugs...
Hope and pray and all she could do is thank God.  Hunter arrives at the Robertson's and they make him feel at home but he's got a dark cloud over his head. So many lend him advice and some of it sinks in.
He does start to be like the others after a time. So many things happen to him along the way. Great idea of not only hear Hunter's side to what's going on but Korie's side to what's going on as well. It makes you feel like you are there.
Faith and hope and passages from others in the family preaching about the good Lord really fit into this novel. Glad I was able to read this book, shed a light on what the Duck Dynasty is all about-not what you see on TV.
Love all the 'firsts' he's able to experience that will last a lifetime.  Family traditions, old and new are treasures.
Chapter headings have so much meaning! Mystery surrounding where Willie is during the whole book and what he's up to is funny.
Beautiful story! Glad I'm able to understand the family and what they are all about.
I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org) via Tyndale Publishers  in exchange for my honest review.