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Silent Night: The War On Christmas: A Christmas Novel - James T. Dalton

Silent Night: The War On Christmas: A Christmas Novel by James T. Dalton  
Book cover looks good as does the story line, something to put me in the spirit for Christmas, the true Christmas, not the materialistic, commercialized Christmas.
This is the perfect story. Starts out with a couple that are heading to court to take on the separation of Church and State and will stop the Bethlehem festivities in town.
The story also follows their lawyer and a family that consists of a father and daughter. The daughter is deathly ill, in need of a kidney transplant.  I was part of a charity event to raise money for my cousin who is also in dire need of a kidney transplant, so this part of the story also appealed to me.
The judge says they can hear the case in March but the couple want it finalized before Christmas, this year. The little girl and her now deceased mother had treasured the festivities, singing in them together and she appeals to the Town Council to keep the festivities going.
Love how the town comes together. A miracle is what they need after the little girl is rushed to the hospital...
Loved the ending, didn't see that coming! All around good read that will touch your heart.
I received this book from Story Cartel  in exchange for my honest review.