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September Sky (American Journey 1) - John A. Heldt

September Sky by John A. Heldt
Have read the previous series by the author and enjoyed the books. This is a new time travel series.
Starts out with Chuck who's lost his reporter job and will be going to collect his son Justin who's left college after 2 years.
On the cruise ship to Mexico they have a lot of time to talk, to figure out what they will each do with their lives.
They attend a lecture and agree to follow through on a commitment to time travel. They take extra things with them and have done research on the area they will travel to and know of hurricanes and other disasters that will fall on the area.
They want to also stop a murder from happening but don't really know who the people are. Love hearing of the scenes as they see them firsthand themselves of the 1900's.
So many differences from what they left behind in 2016. They also know of the time restraints and must come back with proof of certain places.
They are also there to prevent a murder. They think they have altered enough events but they have not and the murder occurrs and now they must find out who the real killer is.
Decisions as to who to bring back to the present time as they each fall in love...liked how the old meets the new and the new meets the old...the impending hurricane that will wipe out the area....
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review