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Hold Me - Susan Mallery

Hold me  by Susan Mallery
Have read most of the author's series works and was even on street team til i decided not to give a book 5 stars.
I was dropped and now I read them when I want to.
This book surrounding Fool's Gold is about Destiny Mills. She's part of the search and rescue team.
Her firm had written the program for the computer and she trains those who will be using it, how to use it.
Kipling, an Olympic athlete makes her feel welcome. His career is over since the accident but he runs S&R in FG.
Good to catch up with all the regular residents also. FG is a town where all the major roles are run by women.
Destiny's half sister Star is staying with her since her father's death. She's a teen. Destiny loves music and playing instruments.
They had just met 10 days prior to arriving at FG. Struggles raising a teen and other secrets come to light. Sex scenes and lots of drama.
Typical you know what's gonna happen, they will end together by the end. Unprotected sex, really?