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The Twelve Days of Christmas - Rick Yuzzi

The Twelve Days of Christmas  by Rick Yuzzi
Book starts out with Brett leaving FL to travel to Vegas where he hopes to lose himself for the holidays and all its memories of a happier time.
Before he even leaves FL he sees a pregnant woman with a military shirt on and hears her story and agrees to take her westward as she's going to surprise her mother for this Christmas.
Each day they come across others who are in need of a ride or help and after Grace volunteers them he picks up and offers his help first. He feels good about helping others, he had forgotten that feeling...
Like how after they've each been helped they pay it forward by helping another in need. Sad that so many today are in need to help from all walks of life.
Liked hearing of all the programs out there to help others provide not only food and shelter but gifts for children at Christmas.
Wow didn't see the ending that took place, love how it all ties together!