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Things You Won't Say: A Novel - Sarah Pekkanen

Things you won't say by Sarah Pekkanen
Jamie Anderson worries about her husband who is a policeman.  Then she gets the call a policeman has been hurt, but it's not her husband but his partner. Mike struggles to go on with a new partner but nightmares keep him from getting good sleep.
Her sister Lew works with animals and lives with an ex boyfriend who's dating a new girl.
Story also follows Sandy and her husband who's laid up in the hospital for months....
Also it follows Christy who shares a boy with Mike and he gets to visit with Jamie and the 3 kids her and Mike have together.
She was a receptionist and now works for a PI, Elroy trying to find unfaithful husbands for a lot higher wage.
Lots of references to elephants and their habits.
Another call and now her husband has pulled his trigger and the teen died. There was no gun but he says he saw it. She needs to stand by him but she has her own doubts.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).