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Perfect for the Beach: WITH "Some Like it Hot" AND "One Wilde Weekend" AND "Blue Crush" AND "My Thief" AND "Hot and Bothered" AND "Murphy's Law" (Dean Brothers) by Lori Foster (2005-08-26) - Lori Foster; Janelle Denison; Erin McCarthy; MaryJanice Davidson; Kayla Perrin; Morgan Leigh;

Perfect for the beach  by MaryJanice Davidson,  Perrin  Kayla, Denison  Janelle,  Foster_ Lori,  Leigh Morgan and McCarthy Erin  
6 various authored book with a theme of perfect for the beach.
Some Like It Hot by Lori Foster
This story is about a doctors practice in OB/GYN where she works as a nurse and is widowed, 2 years and her spouse was a virgin also.
One of the doctors, Carey shows an interest in her, Nora and they agree to go swimming then they move the action to the bedroom in her apartment.
Very hot steamy sex scenes. Misunderstandings draw them apart....
One Wild Weekend
She's not wearing any panties and he can't move fast enough. He has the ring also.
Dana has always been the leader, he wants a turn at it...
One Blue Crush
Kyle is doing his last minutes as a lifeguard and the hurricane is moving towards them.
Sarah has lost her top with the undertow and he rescues her...

My Thief
An uncle and niece mess with each other as they steal from one another.
Now she's put the accountant in the mix...
Hot and Bothered
Jenna and Trey had known their marriage was over. She had papers for him to sign and wasn't looking forward to it.
Maybe they can work things out?
Murphy's Law
She works at a lawyer's office and was in love with him, she left the job, now down sunning in warmth of FL.
Jonah's apt is where she's staying, he's engaged to her bff and is a lawyer also.
Sam's followed her ...they are both staying at Jonah's....