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A Down-Home Country Christmas: (A Whisper Horse Novella) - Nancy Herkness

Down Home Country Christmas by Nancy Harkness
The donkey arrives at Holly's house that she shares with her two daughters.
Capt. Robbie knows who it belongs to as he comes to collect the donkey but he doesn't want to go.
We find out how he's helped Holly prior with her drunken ex husband.  Sanctuary, WV is a place where everybody helps one another.
They righted the Nativity scene with help from a lot of people and she asks Robbie for a ride in his plane. Her sister Clare outfits her in a stunning sexy outfit...
Hot steamy sex scenes and he's heading to a new job in another state....she helps to rescue Mr. Grady with the girls help. When Robbie arrives at the scene he asks her to marry him but she'd have nobody she could fall back on...
Lots of catching up with others from this series over the books.