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Once Upon A Nightmare by Goodale, Nat (February 19, 2015) Paperback - Nat Goodale

Once Upon A Nightmare by Nat Goodale
Read another book by the author and wanted to read more, he puts you in the scenes as if you are there experiencing it all with him as he's telling you what's going on.
Like how the author describes things so you can understand even the most complicated of things and puts you at ease, as if he is protecting you, as you are in the book with him as it's being written.
This book starts out with Jesse and he's at odds with his wife and daughters. After a charter plane ride he decides to travel south to help Santee with further charters. He knows drugs will be involved but he does it for a few reasons.
Love travel and explanations of things checked before the flight, very precise and routine and very particular in how it's all done, every time.
Things get quite complicated at times, just when things are running smoothly but he figures out a way to complete the mission.
There's also the mystery of his brother in law that has gone missing, he was lobstering and never returned, not did his boat.
Story I found fascinating as to the inner workings of drug traffic, fast paced action at the same time as laid back lounging in the water....
Total surprise ending, didn't see it happening like that!