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Novels by Danielle Steel (Study Guide): Special Delivery, Daddy, the Long Road Home, Jewels, Accident, Silent Honor, Sunset in St. Tropez - Books LLC

Accident  by Danielle Steel
This book starts out with Paige and her husband and 2 kids, one of each, Allison and Andy.
Chloe is Allison's friend and they go out on night and end up in the hospital after a car accident. The accident changes the lives of 5 families.
Chloes's dad is raising an autistic son and an older son and Chloe. They meet at the hospital and wait to hear from the doc as to what happened and what the prognosis will be for each of them.
Problem is Paige's husband should be in Ohio but he arrives an hour after he gets the call. She finds out what is happening and she only wants to be there for Andy and Allison.
Story also follow them and the person who had hit them head on while on the Golden Gate Bridge. lots of heartache and when you think you can't take anymore there is more bad news...
They just live for the kids survival and a sense of normalcy in their home lives.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).