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Between The Tides - Patti Callahan Henry

Between the Tides by Patti Callahan Henry
Have read many of the author's works and enjoy the reads. Book starts out with Sam, 2 years old and he must've followed the girls into the pond.
Nothing good ever happened to Catherine. 18 years later she watched her father leave and forget it was her birthday.
She inherits the house and Catherine returns to spread her father's ashes.
She worked in the media dept for the sports dept at the school. She dates Thurman but she has many doubts as to his dedication to her.
Forrest is  writing an article about her dad and needs her help to finish it.
Story is in present but goes back to the past at times so we can understand things in the present.
Mystery of the painting her father returned to the island to see makes her wonder til she realizes where she saw it prior to hanging in the courthouse.