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A Christmas Miracle for Daisy (Taming of the Sheenans Book 5) - Jane Porter

Christmas Miracle For Daisy by Jane Porter
This Sheenan family book is about Cormac, Mac to his friends.
He is a single dad to a beautiful girl Daisy. He's just gotten a call, school lockdown, shooter on site.
His worse nightmare-he can't get to her....he's decided to just up and leave CA and head for Montana. He'd move his company and family to a safe place.
Story also follows Whitney who's part of the Sheenan media company. She's learned about her sick leave return that the boss had something to inform all of them.
She's been through many company takeovers and it's always Sheenan media company who is doing the buying-bringing in their own people, putting her out of a job.
She does date Mac for several years but broke up when her BFF and husband died leaving just Mac to take care of their daughter, Daisy.
What I like about this book is that she is able to keep in touch with Daisy with the girlygirl gifts she's been sending over the years, not letting the fact that she didn't get custody/guardianship take control of Daisy
Love the fact he's willing to move heaven and earth to make her safe-with family and relatives around.
Love how they participate in small town traditions to bring everybody together to share in the holiday joy.
With Kris Krinkle in town maybe a little magic, hope and faith, will find it's way to unite them all together, once again during the Christmas season....
When the book starts out it is with a school tragedy and it's great the author can turn the story around so you don't even think about the tragedy by the end.
Feel good story that you will treasure with all the turmoil these days in the world.