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Fire Queen - Kathleen  Morgan

Fire queen  by   Kathleen  Morgan
Good change of genres as this one is about Robin Hood times and starts out with the flying of the falcons.
Her father is giving her to a Lord as she's marriageable age now. She'd rather train with her saber against her body guard than go to balls and dress up.
The mercenaries are overtaking their land but her future husband to be has a plan. Like her mother she has powers and has seen who will be hers... she wants her freedom to choice.
After they escape they are captured and the mercenary knows her bodyguard and with help from a healer they are able to cure the bodyguard. She is sold to the head mercenary Hawk and he wants her to be his wench.
She just wants to show him her value with her fighting skills. She has to open up and tell her where she is from and why she ran away.  The healer Maude teaches her about her magic powers and tells her of her mother's abandonment, not her death at Deidre's birth.
Steamy sex scenes as he teaches her of lovemaking. She tends to the falcon and learns of plots to overthrow her fathers lands.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).