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Driftwood Summer - Patti Callahan Henry

Driftwood summer  by  Patti Henry Callahan
Book starts out with Riley, raising her son above the bookstore. We learn of how the store got to be where it's located.
Alternating chapters from the 3 sisters as the story unfolds.
200th year anniversary week long party is planned, something for everybody.  She learns when her mother falls down the stairs that she also has cancer in her bone that will be treated after the party.
Her sisters are to come also to visit, which they are not to be told about the cancer. She also has broken bones...
Maisey had run away years ago from Georgia to CA, working as an interior designer. The boss can do without her for a bit.
Adeline goes to college but enjoys the years partying her life away. She's coming home early to help with the bookstore as it's failing.
Ladies have long time sorrows and joys, some they are able to work through as others who visit the summer town return for the summer...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).