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Coming Up for Air - Patti Callahan Henry

Coming Up For Air by Patti Callahan Henry
Story starts out with Elle and she's very busy even with her daughter now in college, her husband busy at work and golfing with her dad.
Her mother keeps her busy with committees, etc til the day she just dies. Story goes back in time where we learn of her mother's younger years.
Another story that comes to light is that of the artists in the family and names given to each of the only girl child of each generation.
She finds it hard once she discovers her mother's journals and she strives to  find out the truth. She had left her true love to marry another and Elle is at a loss as to who it is.
She travels with her friend Sadie back to the summer house to find more clues and answers. Like where all the artistry talk is about, gardens and flowers also.
I received this book from a contest I won.