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The Saga of Santa Claus - M. D. Couturier

Saga of Santa Claus by M. D. Couturier
How Santa came about. It all started in a kingdom...
Valdor is born to the king and queen and he's a horrid child growing up treating others terrible.
His parents soon die and he's now the king and thwarts his superiority around. One day he is removed from the throne and he pleads for another chance to be good to others.
Odin has turned him into a yule goat and will be given the job of going to the North Pole, living in a cave and delivering coins to all the children at Yule time for 12 years. A snow fairy pairs up with him and helps.
He travels to the snow fairy kingdom to learn how the coins are made.  In their travels he meets a little girl but the following year he doesn't visit her. He finds out what happened years later but she died because the king didn't give them food.
He reflects on his life to make things better for the world...other things that happen around the holiday are also discussed that we take for granted in our time.
Liked this book because it was easy to follow along and would make a good addition to the regular the night before Christmas when reading with a child.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.