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The Maine Mutiny - Jessica Fletcher, Donald Bain

The Maine Mutiny by Donald Bain and Jessica Fletcher
3 day lobster festival and one reporter is trying to advertise with her report, problem is no lobsterman wants to talk....
Craft show,beauty pageant and feast of  lobster but there is a murder.. Books starts out with her stranded on Spencer's boat
and she's been hit over the head and doesn't recall why she's there... story goes back 2 weeks to tell us how she got there. She did accompany a lobsterman out on his daily chores on the boat
and she's able to see the rules they all have come to light, also the drastic competition and price wars.
Sabotage occurs with many of the lobsterman and the clues are there for others to collect and figure out who is the culprit.

I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).