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Lonesome Cowboy - Frank Lowe

Lonesome Cowboy by Frank Lowe
Wanted to read this book because it's about the options a man has.
This is a story of Kyle who is on the road with his father where they sing duets, hoping to make it big in the country western music field.
They've traveled to many venues and land at Wunderland where they are taken seriously. Problem is his father becomes ill and Kyle must continue the show without him.
He finds out later just how serious the medical emergency is and then he has many choices to make. He has to make a living for him and his father, and there are many other secrets and mysteries along the way.
In the business they meet many who've helped them along the way, as more horrid details are revealed as to the past and what it means for him and the family.
Kyle hopes he is making the right choices as he tries to reinvent his life without his father along for him. Many opportunities arise and I liked the travel and the circumstances.
Especially like the lawyer language and how they are able to keep what is theirs. Interesting how things turn out in the end, didn't see it coming.
Seems another book in the series where this one leaves off. Enjoyed the read but would've really liked it with romance as this is my main reading genre. Good story line.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.