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Vacationland: Man plans, God laughs by Nat Goodale (2013) Paperback - Nat Goodale

Vacationland by Nat Goodale
Wanted to read this book for a few reasons; it's about lobstering off the coast of Maine and sounded like a good read.
It was so much more than that! I am from an island off the coast and know exactly what the author means when it comes to dealing with the offislanders in your own way.
It's the code and they must abide by the rules. Newcomers come to live on the island and want things to go according to their new rules. Makes the whole concept of living on an island the opposite. you go there to get away from the mainland, noise, hubbub, etc.
They want to change it all. Donny is the local lobsterman and what I liked about him was that he uses his hands to do his career. Love all the real technical words for parts of his boat, traps, etc.  He has many obstacles in life: a new girlfriend, another lobsterman trying to fish on top of his own traps and the new neighbors who don't like much about him and his living area.
Each of the others get alternating chapters during the book so you're kept abreast of what's going on from their perspective. Past years are detailed that help with the missing pieces of the puzzle.
It all comes to a head one day and Shelly, his girl finds out things that make her put things into action. Never expected what happened next and the plan as it takes form. Just when you think you know how it will end, there's more twists and turns.
Hadn't expected the romance scenes either but were most welcome. Super read, all around, action, adventure, mysteries, romance, travel, everyday work of a lobsterman. Can't wait to read more from this author! Loved all the new things I learned in this book about lobstering and surroundings that matter when you're on the water.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.