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Promises to Keep - Marjorie Eatock

Promises to Keep by  Marjorie Eatock
Elenore Wright has worked for the antique dealer and when her partner, Julia Bumford dies. Anthony Mundane starts dating Eleanor and she's quite set back.
Nothing was ever written up and she assumed she'd be the benefactor. Benton Bradford has arrived and is the benefactor. They get off on the wrong foot...
 Some are conspiring to obtain the Picasso but Elenore knows nothing of the painting....she and Benton soon get along and his word tells her to run the shop as she had run it and he'd be back after he tends to his hog business upstate...
Problems arise when Benton's wife shows up and he's gone missing....down to earth - just your word is good for some...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).