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Harmony Cabins (Finding Home Series Book 2) - Regina Hart

Harmony Cabins by Regina Hart
Book starts out with Andrea posing as Penny Lane and arriving in Trinity Falls, Ohio for a month.
Jack is not only the owner but the desk clerk and he has past issues that he needs to get over and finds himself fascinated by Andrea.
The town has it's problems with the race for a new mayor. Lots of drama going on and it's easy to keep the characters straight.
Love all the things Jack and Andrea do together as he finds out about why she is in town for a full month...
Sex scenes. Things become complicated with the townsfolk as the festival is upon them....excerpt from the next book in the series, about other townsfolk is included at the end.
Good read, kept my interest.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review