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Before and Ever Since - Sharla Lovelace

Before and ever Since by Sharla Lovelace
Great book and what I really liked was that there are two stories here. First the present day story where Em and Holly's mother is selling her house and traveling the world with her sister Bernie in her RV.
It's a surprise to the girls as they clean out their rooms and attic of their things. Em is now divorced from Kevin and her 21 year old daughter Cass is on her own. They all meet at the family house to help and Ben, a neighbor helps with the heavy things and repainting, etc.
Em and Ben were an item at one time and that's where the second story comes into play. There are excerpts throughout the book of their time when they were teens, Em becomes pregnant and Ben leaves so she ends up with Kevin.
Only Holly knows the truth but other hear them talking and things get out of hand and Cass ends up with a medical emergency that draws out the truth.
There is also a mystery of their dad's hidden treasure box-he was saving for their trips around the world but they never got to take them.
Bit of steamy sex but more important solving all the mysteries that arise. Excerpt from The Reason is You is included at the back.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review