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Bad As She Wants to Be - Thea Devine

Bad as she wants to be by Thea Devine
Won this book in a contest from the author and finally sat down to read it.
What made me want to read this was the town of Bar Harbor, Maine which we'e spent many a day visiting over the years.
Starts out with an upscale woman who takes it upon herself to drown so she'll get the attention from a guy, Dax. Problem is another girl swims to her rescue and the only thing the woman can do is draw her into her circle of friends for the summer.
Years later as the girl is about to leave Maine for a job in NYC and the woman and her reunite, moving in together.  The woman manipulates the girl into doing things on the sexual side. I've read a lot of books not sure if the scenes are true or if these places really exist.
I've not crossed them in my life but things get out of hand and are on the wild side. When they find no fun they head to France for the weekend. A tragedy occurs when things aren't going the way the woman wants them to go thus leaving her fortune to the girl.
So much manipulation and glad to find out who was spreading the rumors and lies and how. Book wasn't really what I thought I'd be but liked the travel. Don't care for dishonesty and manipulation of events. Way too many sex scenes but it all goes along with the plot.
I received this book from winning a contest the author ran.