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The Lobster Kings - Alexi Zentner

The Lobster Kings by Alesi Zentner
Wanted to read this book for the pleasure of learning about the lobster industry. Just recently there was 3 fires on commercial boats and to me it was a message that they must stop lobstering...
This boat is about an island off Maine and how a family runs the lobstering business. Royalty on the island, Loosewood Island.
Love Irish tales concerning lobster, so funny! Starts with Cordelia and she's just 3 years old and hooks her fathers lip when they are out fishing. Her younger brother is born and like the other kids they don't like being on the water, only Cordelia likes it.
Journals written of the family history attract journalists who want to come to the island to interview the family....
As years go by Scott also joins her on the boat and she sees the mistakes Scott had made ...love lessons learned when on the boat...
Tragedy occurs and years later her friends try to explain what really happened. Her father confronts her on the day of the funeral. Liked hearing of her relationship with her sisters over the years.
War comes to the rival islands as we learn what the paintings mean.  Loved hearing of the lobster co op.  Like all the references to the paintings and what they represent.
When drugs come to the island the residents band together and fight them....deaths and births life goes on...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).