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Radiant Angel - Nelson DeMille

Radiant Angel by Nelson DeMille
Love the authors other works and this is a continuation of John Corey's new career. He is paired with Tess Farraday as they tail the Russian diplomats onto Hampton Shores, NY.
Love how the tells his stories and how he infiltrates them as waiters at a party in the mansion. He notes so many clues as he finds some leave on the yacht.
Story also follows the Russians who are being followed.  Such explicit details as they carry out their mission. Every thing has been thought about and the plan is in action.
Love all the technical terms and new words and how it all goes, not planned as they wanted it to go. Among the mayhem with the threat of nuclear war blowing up NYC on sept 12, there is also marital problems that will probably continue in the next book.
Like meaning  of the title all the action and adventure.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).