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Hidden Riches - Felicia Mason

Hidden Riches by Felicia Mason
Wanted to read this book for the cover has a quilt on it and the story line sounded like it'd make a good read and it does.
Starts out with the funeral of a sister. the brother and sisters and their spouses all come to attend the funeral and the reading of the will tells them to find the treasure by looking at her legacy quilt.
Problem is one gave it away to a junkman. They get it back and scurry to find out what the blocks really mean. So funny at times, so sad. Family has to all come together to figure it out...so many secrets and twists to the plot.
Like how it reads and especially the quilt journals as they mean a lot. Other works by the author are excerpted at the end.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review