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Mistletoe Memories (Romancing America) - Jennifer AlLee, Carla Olson Gade, Lisa Karon Richardson, Gina Welborn

Mistletoe Memories, 4 authors Christmas anthology
Schooley's Mountain, NJ has a resort with miracle healing water that many flock to during the summer months.
Tis the Season by Carla Olson Gade
NJ 1920's Annaliese is the doctor's daughter and a tree branch falls just in her path on her way to bring clothes for the less fortunate. She tumbles out of the carriage and carpenter Stephen Yot rescues her. There is a sprig of mistletoe and he kisses her after making sure she's ok.
A boy runs through the field as he saw the doctor's carriage. They all go to Rory's uncle while Stephen finds the doctor to help. Love the mystery of the magnetized mine and how Rory is saved from his real father. Like how that all came about and mention of Bonaparte in the storyline. References to religion as he is from Holland and is of German descent.
hadn't realized I had read other works by the author-a quilt series she is part of.
Mercy Mild by Gina Welborn
Eziekiel is the deputy and he's in charge of bringing the orphans to Schooley Mountain where 4 of them have already been adopted. Nobody planned on the 5th child, Polly.
He elected Mrs. Plum to take care of her temporarily while he tried to track down other relatives of Polly to see if they wanted her.
Mrs. Plum has never had children and feels out of place with her, she's very nervous and is not used to having another in the house. Zeke lives next door with his mother and stops in from time to time til they are used to one another.
Love the glass house and all it stands for. Marianne confesses her love for Zeke and then he leaves to find guardians for Polly. She throws herself into decorating and shopping and Polly is only too happy to help. The mishap with the tree is the last straw til the town meets at the war memorial...
Midnight Clear by Lisa Karon Richardson
Olympia Paris is doing everything she can to save the orphanage from going to auction the day after Christmas. She waitresses and tends to the children and it's never enough.
Teddy has returned from when he was a boy growing up at the orphanage and he has plans. He hadn't realized how it'd effect Olympia and the kids. Can a Christmas miracle happen to save the place so they will have a place to live.
Comfort and Joy by Jennifer AlLee
Modern days and Joy has just been notified of Sam's passing away and he gave the house to his nephew. She's a bit put out as she doesn't know where the residents will live...
Evan Lancaster had told her she and the clients had to be out of the house in 30 days time. It's Christmas and she prays for a miracle. The people that live in the house are out of the foster care system and are learning how to do things with her help, by themselves.
Can a photograph of the original house save them all?