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Night Gardening: A Novel - E.L. Swann

Night Gardening by E.L. Swann

Cambridge, MA-Maggie Wells is recovering from a stroke, she's a widow. Her garden has gone by the wayside.
Tristan Mallory, the landscape architect gardens next door, during the light of the moon.  His clients are rich women who have something in mind but want the famous gardens recreated in their backyards.
The Steins have hired him and he would be able to use his heavy equipment and blue slate he transports to this area.
Alternating chapters from each.  He discovers her through the cracked wall and proceeds to help her with the physical therapy as he uncovers her sexuality. Turmoil comes in the form of her son who tries to take over her financial world...
Loved all the Latin names and their combined forces to create what was once at her garden.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.