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The Lives Between Us - Theresa Rizzo

The Lives Between Us by Theresa Rizzo
Have read the author's other works and know I am going to enjoy this read also. It's about some medical breakthroughs that my daughter had worked for a company waiting for FDA approval to be part of the stem cell research-that is one reason I wanted to read this book.
Skylar Kendal is a reporter and likes to do research, especially for her niece who needs a stem cell operation but no labs have the bone marrow nor do any match. Skye blames it on Hastings who is a Senator for the state and he's against stem cell research. She knows she has to reach him and persuade him to change his mind.
Faith and Peter have the cure for Niki but it's not in time and now a medical emergency has brought on seizures to Faith and she has to deliver the infants then... The Senator asks Mark to distract Skye and keep her off his back and Mark and Skye hit it off...
Mark and Skye help with the twins, never knew what kangarrooing was. Loved hearing all about the house Noelle and Ed and Jeff live in-very detailed descriptions as if I was there seeing it myself. Understand now why the Senator takes the position he does on stem cell.
Loved the travel to and during CO. Love it when I learn new words and have to look them up.
After the tragic accident they all bond together more to help with the surgeries and recovery. Technical terms and jargon leave me a bit confused as there are many aspects of stem cells that I never understood.
Still book continues with the personal side of the event.  When the story is leaked out from an unknown source she is blamed for ruining the senator's family and career and you wonder if they will ever figure out who really did leak the story.
Fast paced and lots of action and adventure, travel, mystery, learning new things wrapped inside a family story. Exc read!
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.