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First Sight - Danielle Steel

First Sight by Danielle Steel
Timmie, Clothing designer is just returning from her semi annual trip overseas shows.
Her two assistants, Jade and David really make her life smoother and they feel like a real family.
She becomes violently ill and calls a doctor whose card she was given. He's an internist and he checks her out at the hotel.
She must go for surgery and the doctor is the only one there. He learns of her past=in an orphanage.   Rejected from being adopted she moved in with nuns and she got jobs where she could create clothes for waitresses til she got discovered.
Dr. John Charles offers compassion.  They miss one another and like the bond they've created. Once back in town her lover has other interests so work consumes her once again. Her assistants set her up online dating. She's 48 already.
Love hearing of the sisters work for those who will never get adopted that she funds.  With the turmoil you wonder if they will ever be together.
Avalanche of emotions strikes them both on Valentine's Day in Paris and they know it can never come to much-their careers, his family and her charity work...Love how the title relates to this book.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).