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The Aloha Quilt - Jennifer Chiaverini

The Aloha Quilt
Have liked this series book after book. Love how the quilts tell the story.
This one starts out with Sylvia, the owner who is sending Bonnie on her vacation and to Clare who runs a quilt shop on the island.
Bonnie is divorcing Craig after he had found another online.  He now wants to drag things out with hopes she'll give up her portion of the money they made from his estate furniture antique sale.
They have planned to open a new quilt camp like the one Sylvia runs in PA. The inn is not a quilt camp yet and she hopes with Bonnie's consulting she can persuade her to stay on after the winter months to help run the quilt camp.
Liked hearing the differences from Hawaiian quilts and USA quilts. Like Irish fisherman designs no two are the same, just like Hawaiian quilt patterns. Each quilt is made with the one who's getting it specially for them only.
Liked the party around Halloween and how it's celebrated in Hawaii. Lots of political discussions with those who live there....
She has a choice to make and she needs to keep him from changing the quilt camp.... She feels betrayed that they won't stand up with her to save her shares in the company. The male music player tries to show her new sights that'd be good for the campers
and take her mind off her problems. Turmoil and attacks, can she and others survive them.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).