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Play Dirty - Sandra Brown

Play Dirty by Sandra Brown
Griff was back from prison, he had thrown a football game that he played in for the mob.
Story also follows a couple who wants to pay him to impregnate his wife so they can have a child.
Once he's back in society others from his past find him and that puts his work in jeopardy and in harms way.
He goes back to reconnect with the coach and his wife who had rescued him when his mother left him when he was a teen. They had moved him into their house and treated him like their son.
Author describes scenes and feelings to make you feel like you are there yourself. Story entwines with others he's resumed contact with. Problem is those who want him to be stopped and taking it out on them.
Liked to hear of the couples airline company among others as they redo the whole thing from the bottom up.
Tense scenes as the detective has a vendetta against Griff and wants to see him on death row... Sex scenes.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).