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Dream Country - Luanne Rice

Dream Country by Luanne Rice
Have loved the authors other works
Jeweler maker Daisy Tucker flies to the west to find her daughter, Sage at her husbands ranch. Her 3yr old son Jake had walked away one year and left them all devastated.
Her creations after the American Indian society have brought others love. Love what each piece represents to the one receiving the jewelry.
The detectives come and ask questions about Sage to try to figure out where she could've gone to...then find the positive pregnancy test strip...
Chapters from James side of the story in Wyoming and his father and the ranch, he tries to keep busy because he still hears his 3 yr old crying, 13 years later...
Chapters from Sage and her boyfriend Ben's story along the way as they travel to her fathers ranch. She still thinks of her twin brother Jake who had just wandered away.
We find out how Daisy and James met and their early life along with Sage's journey across the country to the ranch....interesting to find out what they symbols represent.
As Daisy travels to Wyoming to be there when Sage gets there she reunites with the family... Hot steamy sex scenes.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).