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The Taming of the Bachelor (Taming of the Sheenans Book 4) - Jane Porter

Taming of the Bachelor by Jane Porter
Story follows Dillion Sheenan and he was a cofounder of Tutro Co. He had a choice, the company or his family and he slected his family. Years later the company needs him again and he's decided to head to Austin, TX to rejoin the company now that the management is under different people.
Paige Jolfe is a local diner owner with 2 children and her spouse Lewis died in an avalanche climbing Mt. Everest. She lives closeby Lewis family now so the kids can grow up around them and learn what their father was all about.
The bachelor auction found Paige decked out in her finest and Dillion had taken over the bar for the night. They meet after for some food and talking about their pasts. She doesn't want to start anything with him but is attracted to him, as he's leaving on Tuesday.
He doesn't want to dwell on her spouse and he is attracted to her. Love hearing of the scenery around town and nearby places.  She is almost 40 and he's in his early 30's and wants no family just yet. He thinks she is the right person for him....
Maybe he can help her get her faith back and things will get better ...she's been content to just have essential things, nothing for herself, but she wants him one night before he leaves.....sometimes things just don't work out.  
With her house problems and now her son he knows he really needs to be there with her to get over the hurdles... she pays him a surprise visit in TX!!!! Liked reading the other brothers stories and can't wait to read more. Loved the travel and the community and what they do together to make it a success.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review