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Silver Thaw - Catherine Anderson

Silver Thaw by Catherine Anderson
This new saga is about Amanda and her daughter Choloe, they have relocated to Oregon and are now away from her abusive husband.
She has little but she is able to dream a lot by writing down her wishes on pieces of paper and letting the wind take them. She has no idea where they land.
The story also follows Jeb who is a local man who works his ranch and likes to make things out of wood. He finds many pieces of paper with wishes and after talking to neighbors learns they also have found the papers.
Legend of the bridge sounds cool, similar to another author's works with a wishing well and cave.
With the storm Jeb and others combine their efforts to save those without heat and electricity. He is able to talk her and her daughter to stay at his house and he hires her to work cleaning and cooking til he discovers the pictures she has on her SD card.
It's the only proof she has to get the divorce from Mark who's abused them both.
Love how his whole family helps her to see the lawyer and file charges against her soon to be ex husband. He does find her and they thought they were prepared enough but he crashes through...
They all know he will come after her again and hope they have put up barricades and continue on with daily life, birthday parties, holiday celebrations...
Amanda is growing closer to Jeb and they have each told one another they love each other....things tense up as the court trial for divorce is near...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).