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Pegasus: A Novel - Danielle Steel

Pegasus by Danielle Steel
Loved her stories and this one especially as it is teaching me new things.
Lipizza horses are highlighted in Germany at the stables where they are bred and raised and trained.
Story of a family with 2 boys and the owner is friends with a neighbor who has just a daughter. Both families have lost their wives.
We learn how one thought his mother had died but that wasn't the case at all.
Nick must leave with his boys:Lucas and Toby. They are considered Jews and they must flee the country.
Paul his father can help him with money and getting the horses out of the country.
Nick travels to his friends house for comfort. Alex breeds the Lipizza horses and he is aware of the troubles...
Alex and his daughter Marianne, he can't imagine what Nick is going through....Alex comes up with an idea to get his friends out of the country...
Story follows them as they go to the US to join the circus as he has Lipizzi horses from Nick that he can control....
Love how their lives go on, draw apart and come together again. Such different lifestyles and the Lipizzi keep them all together.
Tragedies and heartache but also filled with joy and love.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).