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The Offer: An Erotic Novella (Call Girl, Inc. Book 1) - Jayne Blue

The Offer: A Steamy Novella (Call Girl, Inc. Book 1)
Starts  out with Nina describing her life when she was younger and her father had walked out on her sister and her and their mother.
Mom was a drinker and slept with many men. Nina took care of herself and Natalie when mom's boyfriends wanted to sample the girls.
Years later we find Nina has a real estate license and has moved up in the world, although she's left Brad, sex doesn't fix everything. and she's back living with her sister and her two kids.
When she thinks things can't get worse they do, she looses her job, and her phone and her car. She's been approached to join a client who she's sold a house to, to join her and others and
she gets an inkling of what it'd be like. She asks lots of questions and goes on a date one night and is pleased with the outcome. She makes mega dollars and she's happy.
Highly steamy sex novella. Lots of excerpts from the authors other books in the series.