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The 13th Gift - Joanne Huist Smith

The Thirteenth Gift by Joanne Huse Smith
Her husband has died and it's during the Christmas season. The days drag by and one morning they get a poinsettia on the doorstep.
The three kids want to bring it in but the mother doesn't really want to celebrate this year. A clue with the note is attached and they wonder who sent it. Each day brings a new gift and a new chapter.
Days go by and more gifts show up....Joanne tries to keep it all together and some times is bitter and angry that she is the one that is stlll here, and not her husband.
Kids still want to get the tree, like they used to do as a family thing to do, with hot chocolate after...Joanne is a reporter and she finds solace in working longer hours than normal.
The kids miss the dinners every night where they'd have to share how their day went... like how the mystery was solved and what it really stands for and you know they will continue on themselves...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).