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Uncommon Heroes and Cars - Carey V. Azzara

Uncommon Heroes and Cars by Carey V. Azzara
The book summary appealed to me and glad I was able to review this one. WOW. So much in so few words.
Many stories about heroes from everyday life experiences. Felt a common goal with many of them and the ones that appealed to me the most were the car ones. My brother still today works on foreign cars and growing up with boys in the family somebody was always working on cars, my husband included.
Used to just sit and watch, sometimes hand them a tool they needed and learned so much. Learned a lot more in this book, the technical side of the cars problems. Loved also learning more about Nova Scotia which we have yet to visit. Such descriptive details. Paying it forward in any way you can is a plus within this book. look for the examples.
Hard to pick just one, you really should just read them all, they are fantastic. Looking forward to reading more of the author's works.
I received this book from the author via Goodreads in exchange for my honest review.