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Arranged - Catherine McKenzie

Sounded like an interesting subject: like mail order brides but more up to date.
Ann knows she needs to get on with her life-after she's left her boyfriend who she found cheating on her, for many years. She finds a card on the ground for a dating service and contacts them.
It's not a dating one but a marriage service. It costs many thousands of dollars and she's able to finance it with the book she has just written. Many tests and therapy sessions later we find her on her way to Mexico with others to get married.
She meets up with Jack and they become acquainted and they do agree to marry and spend more time living together to learn more about one another.
Water sports and trips to the ruins and pyramids was added travel I hadn't though of to hear about. Hot steamy sex scenes.
They start to fall in love and then she reads the project he's working on, about getting married....she wonders if she's just a project....
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).