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By Luanne Rice Firefly Beach (Reissue) [Mass Market Paperback] - Luanne Rice

Firefly Beach  by Luanne Rice
Have read the other works by the author and love them all. This will be a good read also.
Starts out with the three sisters, coming home to Firefly Beach.
Decades ago his father was killed and the girls witnessed it as young girls. The man stated his wife was off with their father and didn't love him anymore and he wanted to take what their father loved-one of the girls. Caroline wrote to Joe, the son about things around town. She had once mentioned the wreck off the coast that she could see from her house.
Augusta now runs an artist colony and the girls live closeby. The oceanographers want accommodating for the summer, they salvage buried treasures in shipwrecks.
Sky wishes it was her that had been shot and drinks heavily and gets into a car crash.  As she heals we learn of things from the past and realize how much the events had on her life.
Love the light keepers daughter diary and how it brings the whole book together along with letter excerpts from Joe and Caroline as younger kids.
Story also follows the other sisters and their lives during the months...liked hearing of the sisters bond with one another but the males have something just as good...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).